EMER is certified in accordance to ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 and it is the ideal partner as per OEMs and after market companies as well thanks to its quality, flexibility and high technology products.

EMER products are for the abroad market and are respondent to various technical and quality standards, such as:

  • ISO 15500 standard

and homologations of single countries such as:

  • EU (ECE 67-01 ed ECE 110)
  • Italy (DGM)
  • Argentina (ENERGAS)
  • Germany (TUV)
  • Brazil (ABNT)
  • Venezuela (COVENIN)
  • India (Is)
  • U.S.A. / Canada (Ansi/Aga/NGV 3.1)
  • New Zealand (NZS)

Here you are a list of the trials made at Emer internal laboratory:

  • Durability Test (pressure, temperature and humidity checked into thermal room)
  • Corrosion Test due to the international standards (ISO, ASTM, EN or per specific customer requirements)
  • Durability Test, Resistance/Burst test, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Test (up to 1200BAR)
  • Strengthen Test
  • Chemical Coated thickness measurement (chrome, nickel)
  • Parameter Electrical device (coil) test
  • Dynamometric test

Another EMER strength point is the versatility to develop metallic components in its own plant.
The production department has update equipments as to realize automatically bar stock components and to machine valve bodies.
CNC automatic lathes and ad hoc transfer machines grant precision and quality as to meet different market requirements. Specific and production capability control (in process control) allow excellent product conformity results.
Quality Control department verifies all the batch of the inlet components and this grants conformity to the specific requirements. Studies onto the production process are made before the start of the production as to meet the aim of the process and reach an higher efficiency.
Final functional check and 100% production capacity are made on all products.
Quality is the basis of EMER products.