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Diesel Dual Fuel Systems

Retrofit existing diesel engines without any impact on Base Engine reliability and life.

EMER offers a retrofit system for existing diesel engines, eliminating any impact on the base engine reliability and life.

We offer three different conversion options:

  • On road truck calibration
  • Truck calibration at the dyno bench
  • Engine calibration at the dyno bench

With every option, we review any issues that could affect diesel engine conditions, like exahust gas temperature (check with one thermocouple for cylinder) ensuring it doesn't exceed 10% of the original diesel engine temperature. We also meet all emissions check requirements, and are the only company with a full Euro V certification in Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Turkey) and in Venezuela. Emer is expected to meet Euro VI certification in 2015.

Our system is also equipped with an integrated maintenance technology that gives drivers maintenance schedule reminders. The overall maintenance costs of a pure diesel engine compared with a diesel dual-fuel (DDF) engine are equivalent. For greater safety, all components are fully validated R110 and/or ISO15500 and our ECU has an integrated OBD control that, in case of a malfunction, records an error message and restores the engine to diesel-only operations.

Emer customers report the same performance with DDF as with diesel-only, while achieving signifanct emissions benefits and cost savings.

Our DDF system is now available in more than 120 engine types in 21 countries, and to enhance our customer experience, Emer offers project management & fleet management assistance for optimizing fuel efficiency.  Our upcoming offerings will have integrated CAN BUS system for diesel and natural gas consumption control, along with solutions to monitoring diesel consumption with any trip and drivers.

Poseidone Diesel Dual Fuel System