Dual Fuel Pressure Reducer

C329A - DF

Dual Fuel Pressure Reducer C329A - DF

The pressure reducer has two mechanical stages of reduction where two pistons work. In the pressure reducer are integrated a filter in the inlet, a shut off valve, a pressure sensor and a temperature sensor. The pressure reducer is designed to have an unlimited duration, a very stable outlet pressure and a small size for easy placement in the vehicle. Its high stability facilitates the control of emissions, protecting the catalyst from wear.

Technical Specifications

Operating temperature -40 °C » 120 °C
Inlet pressure 10–260 Bar
Gas delivery pressure
(first stage)
15 Bar ± 15% ABS
Gas delivery pressure
(second stage)
4 Bar ± 5% ABS
Overpressure valve 37.5 ± 6% Bar
Burst pressure 1000 Bar
Approvals ECE R110-00, ISO15500, ECE R10-03