LNG Pressure Regulator


LNG Pressure Regulator C400L

C400L is an LNG pressure reducer, piston type, single stage with self-lubricating coating to work even without any trace of oil in the gas.

Available Options

  • Coil 12 V or 24 V
  • Map fitting
  • Integrated water heating

Technical Specifications

Pressure levels
(relative pressure)
2 » 9.3 bar
Solenoid Coil Absorption: 0.54A (13W 24V) AMP SUPER SEAL 1.5 mm
Operating temperature -40 °C » +120 °C
Inlet pressure 7-11 bar ABS
Gas flow rate
(LNG Request)
77 Kg/h
Approvals ECE R110, ISO15500, ANSI NGV 3.1