About Us

EMER, a Westport Fuel Systems company, is a global provider specializing in alternative fuel solutions for engines that offer the greatest safety, comfort and performance.

Our mission is to provide optimum performance with minimal emissions, a giving our customers maximum satisfaction and reliability and a cleaner future. We work closely with vehicle manufacturers such as FCA Group, VW Group, CNHi Group, Maruti Suzuki, Gaz Group and Isuzu, incorporating products with the highest standard of quality and reliability. As a supplier to global original equipment manufacturers (OEM), it allows us to both support customers and to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

The automotive industry demands competitive systems that must meet increasingly stringent regulations. By continuosly enhancing its innovation capabilities, Emer supplies cutting-edge solutions, products and services to match the deman for technology that reduces emissions and increases performance. Emer is committed to a partnership process that supports our customers' global strategies.

Emer is one of several key companies in the Westport Fuel Systems family, which together provide a range of natural gas and alternative fuel products for both OE and aftermarket vehicle customers.