EMER CNG Bi-Fuel Kit

4-Cylinder Type 1/2

EMER CNG Bi-Fuel Kit 4-Cylinder Type 1/2

The EMER Bi Fuel System can be installed on all fuel injected vehicles powered by CNG. The system is fully certified in compliance with the latest safety standards for gas fuel systems (67R01, R110 and DGM) and keeps emissions well within the limits established by the strictest standards (Euro VI).

Our solutions are extremely reliable under all vehicle operating conditions, and guarantee excellent driving performance and comfort. Emer has effectively integrated the mechanical and electronic subsystems, to allow an easy and quick installation, and to guarantee efficient and reliable operation. Regular dynamic behavior C300 ensures excellent vehicle performance when running with natural gas, without affecting car performance when using petrol.

Low emissions

The ECU automatically detects optimum combustion parameters, constantly monitors engine operating conditions by checking the various parameters (petrol injection time, gas pressure, gas temperature, regulator temperature), and determines the right volume of gas to be injected, thus reducing emissions and extending the life of the catalytic converter.

Reliability in operation

Our injection systems Type 30, 33, 37 or High Speed T34, 35, 39 feed gas directly into the intake manifold near the cylinder head intake valves with reliability and precision. This eliminates back-firing that frequently damages the intake manifold in old systems, causing high repair costs and long repair times.

Latest Technology

Emer’s latest technology is applied on new direct injection engines, where we now offer solutions for a wide range of engines and calibration able to minimize petrol consumption, while still keeping a high reliability for the petrol injection system.

More kit options and off-engine components are available. Please contact us for details, information about our official dealers, or availability of the market’s best solutions.