CNG Pressure Reducer


CNG Pressure Reducer C300

CNG pressure reducer for PCV, LD and MD application; max CNG flow rate 80 kg/h (w/ additional heater available); double stage piston type with integrated automatic shut-off valve, inlet filter, HP CNG sensor and coolant temperature sensor; outlet pressure available range from 2.0 to 9.3 barg.


  • Double stage piston technology
    • Constant pressure supply to engine for different RPM, loads and tank pressure
    • No outlet pressure variation due to the different inlet pressure from the tank
    • No vibration or noise
  • High-pressure shut-off valve and high efficiency heat exchanger
  • Integrated filter (50 μm) and VSP
  • Maintenance free with a high corrosion-resistant coating
  • Compact design and easy fitting—no specific recommendation for orientations


  • Brass free inlet filter
  • Additional heater
  • Manometer plug
  • P-Sensor / T-Sensor

Technical Specifications

Pressure levels
(relative pressure)
2 » 9.3 bar
Material Aluminum
Accuracy ± 2%
Operating temperature -40 °C » +120 °C
Max. working pressure 310 bar
Max. gas flow rate 80 kg/hr
Voltage 12 V / 24 V
Approvals ECE R110, ISO15500, ANSI NGV 3.1