LPG Pressure Reducer

Ulisse - For Small Engines

LPG Pressure Reducer Ulisse - For Small Engines

The pressure regulator reduces gas pressure and, in case of the LPG, it also ensures that the liquid gas is completely vaporized. A solenoid valve shuts off the gas flow to the engine, when the engine is not operating. The EMER ULISSE pressure regulators implement many innovative solutions that improve performance in all driving conditions; technologies that are a step ahead toward higher performances, longer durability and improved safety. Not only performance for the drivers, but also solutions for the installers: simplified layout, thanks to reduced footprint that takes minimal precious space under the bonnet, frontal connections that are always close at hand in any situation and extended performance range that satisfies almost any application.

  • Single stage with "Multiflow" thermal exchange system
  • High gas flow: up to 30 kg/h LPG
  • Integrated shut-off valve
  • Integrated gas shut-off solenoid
  • Integrated gas liquid-phase filter
  • Integrated water temperature sensor
  • Integrated high-pressure gas sensor
  • Vacuum compensation socket

Technical Specifications

LPG inlet filter 85 m nylon filtering net
Gas inlet Female connector with bicone for pipe Ø 6 mm. Multi direction fitting.
Gas outlet Male connector for rubber hose Ø int.12mm, 0° or 120° inclination. Multi-direction fitting.
Coolant inlet / outlet Male connector for rubber hose Ø 10 mm, 0° or 90° inclination. Multi direction fitting.
Solenoid power 12 V DC
Pressure reducer stages 1
Inlet pressure 2.5 – 30 bar
Outlet pressure stability 1.2 bar
Max. working pressure 30 bar
Max. gas flow rate
30 kg/h
Operating temperature -20 » 120 C°
Weight 1190 g
Approvals ECE 67R-01 ; 10R-04