Filling Valve Receptacle


Filling Valve Receptacle NGV1

Available with/without filter and with/without an M12 x 1 (1/2" G) T-connection.

Technical Specifications

Material PR80 - Stainless Steel
Max. working pressure 260 bar (3770 psi)
Operating temperature -40 °C » +120 °C (-40 °F » 248 °F)
Minimum gas flowing area Ø 4 mm
Ø 9 mm (oversized)
Approvals ECE 110


Connection size For Ø 6 mm pipe
For Ø 8 mm pipe
For Ø 16 mm pipe
No connection for pipe
Connection size
1/2" G Fem.
Without thread
Type Without cap
Red plastic dust cover cap
With magnetic integrated contact cap
Stainless steel air tight cap
Sealing cap
Blu plastic cap
Devices, Application Without devices
Box, counter-box
Box, counter-box with microswitch for Ø 6 mm pipe
Box, counter-box with microswitch for Ø 8 mm pipe
Connection 120°, bracket